The Norwegian Government Approves the Start-up of Fjordlab

"With this clarification, the last piece is in place that will turn the Norwegian Marine Technology Center into a world-leading and unique research centre", said Dean Olav Bolland at the Faculty of Engineering, who heads the Norwegian Marine Technology Center's steering group.

In a new assignment letter to Statsbygg, the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries (NFD) clarifies that the Fjordlab part of the Norwegian Marine Technology Center can be started next year.

In the new assignment letter to Statsbygg, NFD clarifies that NOK 400 million for user equipment will still be part of the project.

Thus, investments in installations and vessels in the Trondheimsfjord, outside Hitra/Frøya and Ålesund can start as early as 2025.

"The government and many supporters in the political environment have seen how important Fjordlab can be for Norway, and that it is an essential part of the Norwegian Marine Technology Centre. Here, the research from the laboratories will be taken out into reality. Securing cables, gas pipes and other underwater installations, and monitoring life underwater, are examples of areas where research from Fjordlab can play an important role", said Bolland.

While it can be celebrated that the user equipment is in place, a new building and a new quay in Heggdalen outside Trondheim are no longer part of the project.

The building, which was budgeted to cost NOK 160 million, has been cut from the project. The government will instead look at alternative solutions together with NTNU, SINTEF and Statsbygg.

"This is a bit as expected, and is probably unfortunately the price we have to pay to realize the rest of Fjordlab. The user equipment is most important, but we are completely dependent on having satisfactory premises as well, so we have to find a solution to this", said Bolland.

Location: Norway

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