Robosys Unveils First-in-class Subsea AI-supported Navigation and Vessel Control Solution Following a Significant Contract Win for a Fleet of Advanced Swimmer Delivery Vehicles

The UK maritime innovator, Robosys Automation, has unveiled its new subsea advanced navigation and vessel control solution following its announcement that the business has secured a significant contract with an undisclosed international customer for a fleet of Swimmer Delivery Vehicles.

Robosys has announced new subsea VCS solution for a first-in-class fleet of Advanced Swimmer Delivery Vehicles due to be launched in Spring 2025 (customer concept image). Courtesy of Robosys Automation

The first-in-class Advanced Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (ASDVs) will feature Robosys’ Voyager AI-supported advanced navigation and vessel control systems, enabling critical navigational and enhanced decision-aided support to the crew.

The ASDVs will safely and comfortably enable dive units to be transported to and from remote and challenging locations. Operating in three modes, surface, semi-submerged and submerged, initially the ASDVs will be crewed, with decision-aided navigational support.

Following completion of their initial project, the ASDVs will be upgraded in a phased roll-out to feature an autonomous mode allowing autonomous self-navigation, a return to base and loiter facility whether operating on the surface or subsea.

Once the ASDVs are upgraded they will be able to be remotely operated and monitored from a mothership, Ground Control Centre (GCC), or from a Remote Operation Centre (ROC).

Voyager AI is a world-leading maritime artificial intelligence (AI) software both developed and supplied by Robosys Automation. Operators benefit from decision-aided autonomous operations with collision and obstacle avoidance as well as anti-grounding enabling safe passage, combined with AI reasoning, being crucial when operating in challenging subsea and surface waterborne environments.

Aditya Nawab, CEO of Robosys Automation, which is headquartered at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK comments, “We are delighted to unveil Robosys’ new subsea autonomous navigation and vessel control solution. Robosys is already regarded as a leader in its advanced maritime autonomy provision to surface vessels of all types and sizes, therefore it was only natural to provide subsea solutions when further developing Voyager AI. It is an exciting time, whilst also reassuring to know that we are helping to support safer and smarter (and cleaner) seas.”

The new first-in-class fleet of Advanced Swimmer Delivery Vehicles will be launched in Spring 2025.

Location: UK

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