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Portable Emergency Cutter for Norwegian Offshore Rental

Norwegian Offshore Rental has added a Webtool portable emergency cutter to its range of rental equipment. Easily deployed on deck, and operated remotely, the cutter will provide an instant cut of softlines used for towing or umbilicals used in chemical injection systems in the event the vessel gets into difficulties.

Allspeeds Supplies Webtool HCV330 Cable Cutter to Ashtead Technology

Leading hydraulic tool maker, Allspeeds Limited, has supplied a Webtool HCV330 hydraulic cutter to Ashtead Technology, an international subsea equipment rental and solutions specialist. The largest Webtool cutter manufactured so far, the HCV 330 is designed to cut large diameter umbilicals and subsea power cables up to 330mm. It will complement Ashtead Technology’s existing fleet of high-performing subsea cutting technology solutions for the offshore energy sector.

Webtool Announces HCV220 Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter

Hydraulic cutting tools and systems specialist, Webtool, has released a new heavy-duty cutter, the Webtool HCV220. Designed to cut cable, umbilical and risers in severe working conditions, the cutter can be deployed subsea mounted on an ROV, and as a deck-mounted cutter for planned production cutting.

Webtool announces RROV cutting tools

The subsea industry’s leading manufacturer of ROV cutting tools, Webtool, is now offering long-term deployment RROV (Resident ROV) tools. Designed for up to 120 days continuous deployment, the tools are supplied with custom RROV interfaces allowing the easy storage, activation and recharging of the hydraulic cutters.

Webtool Focus on ROV and Cable Retrieval at Subsea Expo 2020

Hydraulic cutters and systems specialist, Webtool, is exhibiting the latest developments in its ROV electric cutters, extended deployment RROV cutters and cable gripper retrieval tools on stand 130 at Subsea Expo 2020, 11-13 February, Aberdeen. Webtool integrated cutters also featured on the stand will include IWOCS emergency disconnection and emergency deck cutters.

Webtool Expands Cable Retrieval and Pipeline Decommissioning Focus at Subsea Expo

Hydraulic cutters and systems specialist, Webtool, is exhibiting the latest developments in its industry-leading ROV electric cutters, cable retrieval and pipeline decommissioning tools on stand 124 at Subsea Expo 2019, 5-7 February, Aberdeen. Webtool integrated cutters also featured include IWOCS emergency disconnection and emergency deck cutters.

Webtool targets smaller and inspection class ROVs with electro-hydraulic power pack

Cutting systems specialist, Webtool, announces the industry’s first electro-hydraulic power pack bringing a high pressure, hydraulic capability to inspection class and smaller ROVs. The lightweight, battery powered power pack, called EHP350, is designed to be used with Webtool wire rope and softline cutters at water depths up to 1000m.

Webtool Announces First Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack for Smaller ROVs at Offshore Europe 2017

Hydraulic cutting tools specialist, Webtool, is announcing the industry’s first battery-powered, high pressure hydraulic power pack, enabling smaller and inspection class ROVs access to the Webtool range of hydraulic wire rope and softline fibre rope cutters, at Offshore Europe 2017. In addition, the stand will feature the Webtool Cable Retrieval Tool (CRT200), developed in consultation with international certification body and classification society, DNVGL, and the Webtool portable, softline, deck emergency cutter for offshore vessels. The lightweight, battery powered power pack gives electric ROVs a Webtool cutting capability for softline ropes and guidewires. Called EHP350, it is designed to be used with Webtool wire rope and softline at water depths up to 1000m.

Webtool Subsea Resettable Emergency Disconnect Cutter

Hydraulic cutting systems specialist, Webtool, announces a resettable emergency disconnect cutter for light and medium subsea well intervention. As an integral part of either a workover tool or dedicated emergency disconnect package, the Webtool guillotine cutter can now be reset subsea by ROV, avoiding the need to return the cutter to the surface vessel for resetting. The Webtool emergency cutter is a simpler and quicker emergency disconnection than more complex multi-line stab-plate systems for mixed material bundles. Within a well intervention emergency disconnect package, the bundles are securely positioned in the mouth of the cutter. Multiple fluid transfer lines and hydraulic flying leads (HFL), steel tension member, fibre rope, reinforced hoses, electrical conductors, cables and electrical flying leads (EFL), are all cut in single guillotine action taking just a few seconds. The Webtool cutter offers considerable weight savings compared with other emergency disconnect methods, and is easily retrofit to intervention systems.

Allspeeds announces Webtool ROV Cut Loop Cutter for BOP during Well Intervention

Hydraulic cutters and systems specialist Allspeeds, the designers and manufacturers of Webtool, announces a compact ROV cut loop cutter for emergency activation of a Blow Out Preventer (BOP). The Webtool cut loop cutter will sever the cutting loop to activate the BOP in the event other measures have failed. Subsea intervention involves the use of remotely operated tools that often include cut loops as a redundancy measure to prevent a blow out once all ‘topside’ solutions have failed to work. The cut loop prevents pressure lock in the hydraulic system needed to activate the BOP.

Largest Webtool Fibre Rope Cutter so far

Hydraulic cutting systems specialist, Allspeeds, announces its largest standard Webtool fibre rope cutter so far. The Webtool SL165 softline ROV tool is capable of cutting soft and fibre ropes up to 165mm diameter. It can be deployed either on the manipulator arm of a work class ROV or integrated within a maritime handling system, in both cases the cutter operates at any water depth.

Allspeeds Streamlines Webtool ROV Product Development

Cutting tools specialist Allspeeds has invested over £200,000 in new product development facilities at the company’s headquarters in Accrington, Lancashire. The investment will increase the competitiveness and applications for the company’s industry-leading Webtool cutting tools in the subsea, maritime and nuclear industries.

Webtool Announces Compact Guide Wire Cutting Tool for ROVs

Webtool ROV cutting tools designed to cut steel guide wires used during subsea installation are announced by leading cutting tool company Allspeeds. Suitable for wire up to 30mm diameter, the WCO30 tools are a compact and more reliable alternative to larger cuttings tools normally needed for guide wire cutting.
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