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Nemo Submarine on a Sail Yacht

Accommodating up to ten guests and a professional crew of six, Mirabella III offers unparalleled luxury experiences on the open seas to their owners. Now, with its latest upgrade, the sailing yacht sets a new standard by incorporating a NEMO 2-person, 100-meter rated submersible—the first of its kind in history to be seamlessly integrated into a sailing vessel.

Four More NEMOs on Their Way

U-Boat Worx are thrilled to announce the delivery of four more NEMO submarines, marking a significant expansion of the largest fleet of privately owned manned submersibles. These submarines are now set for sea trials, a crucial phase in ensuring their operational excellence.

U-Boat Worx Appoints Moravia Yachting as International Partner for the Sale of the Nautilus Submarine

U-Boat Worx is delighted to announce the appointment as the exclusive international partner for the sale of the U-Boat Worx Nautilus submarine to Moravia Yachting. The U-Boat Worx Nautilus is the world’s first superyacht submarine. This incredible hybrid-electrical sub offers deep-sea exploration to a depth of 150m.

World's First 35-Metre “Under Water Entertainment Platform” Submarine Revealed

Global leader in manned submersibles, U-Boat Worx, is excited to announce the launch of a completely new class of submarine – one that has been designed to host the most prestigious and memorable events on the planet. The “Under Water Entertainment Platform”, or UWEP for short, is a completely autonomous submersible with capacity for up to 120 guests, excluding crew. Guests will experience diving to depths up to 200 meters in comfort and style, and are free to walk around just as they would aboard a cruise ship.

New U-Boat Worx C-Researcher 3 Aboard Purpose-built Feadship

Meet Shinkai, the world’s first superyacht designed around a submersible. When the owner of the 54.9-meter explorer placed his order with Feadship, he already had a new U-Boat Worx C-Researcher 3 waiting to be accommodated.

U-Boat Worx Unveils New High-speed Submersible the Super Sub

Dutch submersible manufacturer, U-Boat Worx, reveals the fastest addition yet to its already impressive fleet of models - the Super Sub. Distinguished by a long tail and advanced wing design, the Super Sub is the most hydrodynamic sub on the market. A best-in class propulsion system with four powerful thrusters delivers a total of 60 kW allowing for steep 30-degree climbs and dives. The result is the smoothest and most exhilarating underwater experience, capable of diving to depths of 300 meters, all while maintaining an almost 360-degree view.

Five U-Boat Worx Submersibles Delivered Over Winter

U-Boat Worx delivered a record number of submersibles to new owners over the winter. All submersibles will soon venture in the hands of their new operators into unknown depths for various leisure and commercial applications.

C-Researcher 3 Submarine Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx is delighted to announce that their new “C-Researcher 3” submersible has won a Red Dot Product Design Award.

NEMO Submarine Wins Red Dot Design Award

Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx is delighted to announce that their new NEMO submarine has been recognized with a Red Dot Award for design excellence, as well as being recognized as “best of the best” in the category ‘Mobility and Transportation’.

U-Boat Worx Introduces “Charter-A-Sub” Service

U-Boat Worx introduces a unique opportunity for people to safely experience undersea exploration first-hand, without the need to own a submersible.

Introducing the NEMO Submersible

U-Boat Worx is unveiling a new addition to its popular submarine range with its latest model in the lightweight luxury submersible market. Following the successful development of the C-Researcher Series and Super Yacht Sub series, the submarine manufacturer is now offering a first glimpse of the new “NEMO”. This 2-seater lightweight submersible is currently in the final phase of production.

U-Boat Worx unveils luxury submarines for Seabourn expedition ships

U-Boat Worx is proud to have been selected for the delivery of four “Cruise Sub 7 – 300” submersibles to the latest Seabourn cruise ship to be launched, “Venture”; and her (yet-to-be-named) sister ship.

The Underwater Centre Supports Training On Advanced Submarine Rescue System

The Underwater Centre, one of the world’s leading providers of subsea testing and training, based on the tidal waters of Loch Linnhe in Fort William, has successfully delivered two bespoke ROV and Hyperbaric System Acquaintance training courses as well as providing 19 days of operational support to JFD, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, as part of their training delivery to one of the world’s largest navies.

U-Boat Worx Unveils New Deepest-diving Tourist Submarine

U-Boat Worx unveils new private submarines especially designed for cruise ships and tourism, including the deepest-diving ever built. U-Boat Worx has launched three new luxury submarine models: the Cruise Sub 5, Cruise Sub 7 and Cruise Sub 9. The Cruise Sub 5 and 7 are capable of diving to 1,140 meters making them the deepest-diving tourist submersibles ever. Depending on the model, it can carry 5, 7 or 9 persons per dive.

U-Boat Worx lifts the lid on the Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat Worx revealed their new Super Yacht Sub 3, a luxury 3-seat submersible specially designed for super yachts. The new Super Yacht Sub 3 is the first of a range of submersibles for super yachts that also includes the High-Performance Sport Sub 2. This is the first public appearance of the Super Yacht Sub 3 production model, which was announced exactly one year ago.

Dutch private submarine builder launches a revolutionary research submersible

U-Boat Worx (UBW), today announced the launch of the C-Researcher 3, world’s first transparent 3-person submersible capable of diving to 1,700 meters (5,577 feet). UBW has teamed up with leading scientists to design a compact and cost-effective submersible that enables scientists, policy makers and philanthropists to explore the world’s oceans with an unrivalled combination of safety, high performance, ultra-wide field of vision and outstanding comfort. UBW already builds a range of private submersibles that provided the proven technology for this CResearcher 3.

Super Yacht Sub 3 to premier at Monaco Yacht Show 2015

The Super Yacht Sub 3 is to make its world premier at the Monaco Yacht Show from the 23rd to the 26th of September. U-Boat Worx, the world’s leading submersible manufacturer, is to showcase this first purposely designed 3-person luxury private submersible for super yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015.

Submarine expedition unveils Roman shipwreck secrets in Sicilian waters

Panarea, 02 July 2015. Joint expeditions creates three-dimensional underwater maps of Roman shipwrecks in the Aeolian Islands. A team of scientists and experts under the direction of the Professor Sebastiano Tusa, Superintendent of the Seas for Sicily, set out last week to investigate Roman shipwrecks, originally discovered by Aurora Trust Foundation in 2009 and 2010. The depths at which these wrecks lie, are far beyond the capabilities of regular SCUBA divers.

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