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Fugro Acquires Exail's New All-in-one INS/DVL System

Exail has concluded its first sale of the Rovins 9 DVL, its brand-new combined INS and DVL navigation system, to Fugro, the world leader in geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions. Fugro becomes the first customer to purchase this new technology from Exail. Recently unveiled at the Ocean Business exhibition, the Rovins 9 DVL integrates Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) technologies to deliver highly accurate and reliable subsea positioning and velocity measurements.

First Bayonet UK Demonstration Shows Capabilities of Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicle

Bayonet Ocean Vehicles (Bayonet) comes to the end of a successful week showcasing the capabilities of its autonomous underwater ground vehicles for a wide range of both military and commercial applications.

Meet FIFISH V-EVO: QYSEA's Groundbreaking Compact Underwater Drone

The rapidly growing market for compact underwater drones is being revolutionized by QYSEA Technology, a leading manufacturer redefining the capabilities of small remotely-operated machines.

Saab Seaeye Leopard for Spanish Navy Submarine Escape and Rescue

A £multi-million complete Saab Seaeye Leopard system has been supplied to the Spanish Navy for submarine escape and rescue, and underwater intervention. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) acquired the Seaeye Leopard electric remotely operated robotic vehicle system for the Spanish Navy to fulfil the responsibilities of the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office and provide diving support.

Exail Launches New All-in-one INS and DVL System

Exail, a global leader in high-performance subsea inertial navigation systems (INS), launches a new all-in-one system that combines the best of inertial navigation and Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) technologies, the Rovins 9 DVL. With this new tightly integrated system, Exail provides subsea vehicles manufacturers with highly accurate and reliable subsea navigation.

Nauticus Successfully Passes First Phase of Defense Innovation Unit Amphibious Autonomous Response Vehicle Program

Nauticus Robotics, Inc., a developer of autonomous robots using artificial intelligence for data collection and intervention services for the ocean economies, today announced it has successfully completed the competitive first phase of the Defense Innovation Unit (“DIU”) Amphibious Autonomous Response Vehicle program and is advancing toward the next milestone.

Blueye Robotics Equipping the Entire Norwegian Coast Guard Fleet with Blueye X3 ROVs

Blueye Robotics has been awarded the contract to supply the Norwegian Coast Guard with underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV)systems. Blueye Robotics has equipped the entire fleet of Coast Guard vessels operated by the Norwegian Coast Guard with their Blueye X3 model, which was launched in 2021.

FET to Supply Two Light Work-class ROVs to Major Asian Navy

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) has secured a contract from Unique Group to supply two light work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to support its contract with a major Asian Navy. Both systems will be installed onboard the navy’s new dive support vessels. The Comanche model is one of the most powerful observation-class ROVs of its size, and its lightweight construction allows for rapid set up and deployment.

Kongsberg Revolutionising Ocean Space Mapping and Monitoring

Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG) is a global leader within advanced robotics and sensor technology to map, monitor and understand ocean space. This technology will become part of a new business area, Kongsberg Discovery.

Harvest Technology Delivers Deep-sea Asset Monitoring System Using Smart Buoy

Perth-based tech start-up, Harvest Technology Group, is making waves with innovative, custom-built remote subsea monitoring solutions for the offshore and marine industries, combining acoustic data transfer and data transmission technology to monitor and provide critical real-time data from subsea assets that are already in use for decommissioning and disaster monitoring.

Voyis Releases the Revolutionary Discovery Vision System

Voyis is proud to launch its new product line, Discovery Vision Systems, to address the trade-off that is currently made between Piloting Cameras and 3D Inspection Cameras. Piloting cameras prioritize low latency video at the expense of the image data required for 3D model generation. Conversely, 3D cameras prioritize image data at the expense of piloting effectiveness, limited by a higher latency and smaller field of view. The Discovery is a vision platform without compromise, delivering 4K piloting video together with 3D data.

C-Kore Units Easy to Use for Equinor & DeepOcean in Norway

C-Kore Systems recently completed a deployment with DeepOcean AS for Equinor. The C-Kore testing tools were used to quickly and simply confirm the status of subsea electrical jumpers on the Tordis field in the Norwegian waters of the North Sea. The C-Kore team provided easy to follow training prior to the mobilisation to give the ROV operators a clear understanding how to use the units.

Seanergy 2023 - Paris, France - 20-21 June 2023

Organised by Bluesign since 2016, Seanergy is the leading international event, dedicated to Offshore Renewable Energy, held in a different French city every year. The event showcases the industry by covering all technologies: fixed and floating wind power, tidal energy, wave energy, marine thermal energy (SWAC & OTEC), floating solar (FPV), salinity gradients energy and related industries such as: energy storage, digital, decarbonated maritime transports (wind-powered & hydrogen), drones or eco- designed materials.

Teledyne Marine Set to Release New Products at Ocean Business 2023

Teledyne Marine is excited to announce the release of several new products at this year's Ocean Business Conference in Southampton, UK, April 18-20. Teledyne will have a significant representation at this year’s conference, including a booth (T7) where industry experts can guide visitors through products, new technology, and Teledyne Marine's many events available over the three days of the conference. At the Teledyne Marine Hospitality and Demo Suite, there will be dockside equipment demos where you can experience their products firsthand and training workshops led by industry professionals. Presentations will include Teledyne Marines' broad portfolio of products to support marine construction.

Nauticus Robotics Announces Splashdown of Next Generation Aquanauts

Nauticus Robotics, Inc.(KITT), a developer of autonomous robots using artificial intelligence for data collection and intervention services for the ocean industries, today announced the commencement of commissioning exercises of the first of three second-generation Aquanauts, dubbed the ‘Mark 2’ (MK2). Following commissioning, Nauticus expects to send the initial Aquanaut MK2 units to the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico in the coming months to support customer initiatives in those regions.

Fugro Expands its Horizon with the First UAE-flagged Uncrewed Surface Vessel

Fugro, the world's leading Geo-data provider has announced that the 12 m Blue Essence® uncrewed surface vessel (USV), the Fugro Pegasus, has received full navigation licensing from the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

SMD Aims for £100M Turnover and Two New Premises

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), a global subsea robotics and engineering business headquartered in Wallsend, has announced plans to exceed £100m turnover within five years. To reach this goal, it is focussing on the electrification of its vehicles, has ambitious recruitment targets, and plans to expand its innovation and services arms with two new facilities on the horizon that will be based in the North East of England.

Aberdeen’s ROVOP Secures $25m Investment from Cordiant

ROVOP, one of the world’s largest independent remotely operated vehicle (ROV) solutions providers, is pleased to announce a new $25 million senior secured credit facility with Cordiant Capital (Cordiant), the specialist global infrastructure & real assets manager.

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