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Commercial Licensing Expands Access to Innovative MBARI Technology

The MBARI long-range autonomous vehicle (LRAUV) is an innovative robot developed by MBARI engineers to meet the growing demand for technology that can safely and efficiently explore, map, and monitor ocean health. After a decade of extensive testing at sea by MBARI researchers, the LRAUV is now available to a global market for the first time, thanks to a commercial licensing agreement with Saab, Inc. The MBARI LRAUV will be available commercially as the Saab Tethys.

Full Navigation Capabilities for Small Subsea Vehicles with Integrated INS on Nucleus1000

The Nucleus1000 navigation sensor suite is now available with full INS (inertial navigation system) capabilities, enabling absolute position outputs obtained using the Nucleus’s on-board inertial and acoustic sensor package.

Subsea Integration Alliance signs MoU with bp

Subsea7 today announced that Subsea Integration Alliance1 has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at forming a framework agreement with bp for integrated subsea developments.

Biden-Harris Administration invests $3.9 million for Ocean Enterprise engagement through Investing in America agenda

Inflation Reduction Act will support NOAA’s efforts to accelerate growth in the ocean and coastal technology and information economy

Discovery Camera and REVOLUTION ROV: Canadian Integration Triumph

Two Canadian underwater technology powerhouses, Voyis and Deep Trekker, have joined forces to achieve an exceptional integration: the successful fusion of Voyis' cutting-edge Discovery camera with Deep Trekker's REVOLUTION ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle).

Major Contract Award for Argos ROV

Forssea Robotics are proud to announce the award of a major contract from the French Naval forces for the delivery of one ARGOS ROV full spread coming with smart navigation functions (Dynamic Positioning, Go-To). The contract includes system integration with various payload including manipulator arms and sonars.

Comprehensive AUV Fleet Expansion

Argeo confirms Letter of Intent for an agreement for the purchase of two Hugin Superior AUVs and one Hugin 6000 AUV. “Following this expansion, Argeo will have the most advanced AUV fleet worldwide”, says Argeo’s CEO, Trond Crantz.

Film-Ocean Strives to Reduce its Ecological Footprint

Film-Ocean has recently achieved the industry recognised ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. Earlier this year, Film-Ocean relocated to a new headquarters specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. After a few months, the company has observed a significant reduction in its environmental impact due to this move. Achieving this global standard is a testament to the company's commitment to implementing a robust environmental management system (EMS) that continuously monitors, manages, and improves its operations – Headquartered out of Scotland.

SEA-KIT Unveils Proprietary Vessel Control System

Leading uncrewed surface vessel (USV) designer and builder, SEA-KIT International, has unveiled a proprietary vessel control system (VCS) that harnesses the latest technological advances to enhance the capability of its commercially successful vessel designs. As part of this inhouse development, new autopilot and drive modules have been built in to the company’s existing, purpose-built remote helm station, GSAVI, taking the company a step closer to developing the first Type Approved vessel control system for USVs.

Ocean Infinity Secures Survey Contract for First-ever Floating Offshore Windfarm Project on US West Coast

Ocean Infinity, a pioneering company creating and using robotic technology to transform operations at sea, has announced the signing of a landmark contract with Equinor Wind US LLC for one of the first-ever floating offshore windfarms on the US West Coast.

Squat Lobsters Guide Scientists to New Hydrothermal Vent Field

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador– Scientists on a Schmidt Ocean Institute expedition have discovered a new hydrothermal vent field larger than a professional soccer field.

Fugro Advances Maritime Navigational Safety in Saudi Arabia with Cutting-edge Hydrographic Technology

Covering an area of over 11,000 km², Fugro will deploy its High-Speed Hydrography Solution; a combination of Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB), vessel-based acoustic methods and advanced processing techniques to acquire and analyse Geo-data in compliance with International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) standards.

EIVA to Supply UK MoD Containerised ROTV Solution to the Royal Navy

Danish subsea engineering specialist EIVA a/s has been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) with a total value of approximately €3.8 million (£3.2 million). The contract entails the delivery of a containerised remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) solution displaying data in NaviSuite software.

Nauticus Robotics Announces Offshore Service Agreement with Shell

Nauticus Robotics, a developer of ocean robots and artificial intelligence for autonomous services to the offshore industries, today announced its entry into a service contract with Shell. The initial scope of work includes inspection services on a Shell subsea field development in the Gulf of Mexico, and the contract contemplates visible future inspection service projects. The contract follows Nauticus’ successful qualification phase for autonomous methods of subsea operations for inspection services. The new contract acknowledges Nauticus’ successful transition to a fully operational offshore services provider.

Exail Opens New Office in Norway to Support Growth in the Scandinavian Region

Exail announces the opening of a new business office in Norway, that will support the company’s growth in the Scandinavian region. Located in the Oslo area, this new office is led by Lars Sorfang, who is acting as General Manager for Exail AS, as well as Regional Sales Manager for Scandinavia.

Sonardyne Welcomes MSDS Marine as UK Reseller

Marine technology company, Sonardyne is expanding its reach by appointing MSDS Marine as their latest UK reseller. MSDS Marine are a specialist marine and coastal contractor specialising in providing scientific and archaeological support across a variety of sectors including; offshore development, archaeological and ecological surveys, and asset monitoring and recording. Their work includes the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), divers, and geophysical and hydrographic survey and they offer a complete package from planning to execution, and subsequent processing, visualisation, and interpretation. MSDS Marine are now able to provide additional support to their customers through the supply of the latest marine technology from Sonardyne, not only by continuing to use the technology during projects, but also as an official re-seller.

New Autonomous Underwater Demonstrator to be Launched Next Year

BAE Systems has announced a collaboration with Cellula Robotics to showcase the capabilities of its new Extra Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (XLAUV), known as Herne, on a technology demonstrator in the water in the second half of 2024.

FET Subsea Technologies Launches New ROV Tooling Rental Offering

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) has introduced a new tooling rental offering for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in response to the changing demands of the subsea sector.

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