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Impact Subsea Appoints Oceasian Technology as Overseas Service Centre in China

Impact Subsea, a leading designer and manufacturer of underwater sensors, has announced the appointment of Oceasian Technology, located in Guangzhou, China, as its first overseas service centre.

Impact Subsea's New Aberdeen Headquarters Showcases Commitment to Growth

Impact Subsea, a company specialising in underwater sensors, recently opened a new chapter in its growth trajectory with the move to larger headquarters in The Aberdeen Energy Park, United Kingdom. The company's headquarters, located at Silverfield House, provide ample space to support the company's sustained growth. Silverfield House provides 12,000 sq ft of modern office, production, training, calibration and demonstration space.

Underwater Sensor Manufacturer, Impact Subsea, Reveals New Brand Identity

Impact Subsea has revealed a new brand identity incorporating an updated logo, icon and look. The new logo is an evolution of the original while the icon is based on a unique mechanical design feature found in every Impact Subsea sensor.

Introducing ECHOGRAM: Bringing Underwater Imaging to the ISA500 Altimeter & Echosounder

Impact Subsea, a leading provider of underwater sensors, has announced the addition of a new feature to their ISA500 range of Altimeter & Echosounders – ECHOGRAM. This new feature adds a full backscatter capability to the ISA500, enabling the underwater Altimeter to be upgraded to have a full single beam imaging sonar capability.

New Outland Technology ROV-3000 Fitted with Impact Subsea’s ISFMD

Impact Subsea’s flooded member detection system has been integrated onto Outland Technology’s newest and most powerful model ROV-3000, designed for ease of use and ruggedness. The combined ROV-3000 and ISFMD system will be put to work by Offshore Drone Inspection Services for a wide variety of inspections in the Gulf of Mexico.

RTS Invests In Impact Subsea Sensor Solutions

The investment is to compliment RTS’s rental portfolio with high performance sensor solutions and provide rental stock for the newly opened Aberdeen base. The ISA500 provides long range, high accuracy, underwater distance measurements while the ISD4000 provides survey grade depth and temperature readings.

Seatronics Select The ISS360HD Sonar

Impact Subsea has provided several ISS360HD Sonars to Seatronics, a brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics Division. The ISS360HD Imaging Sonar provides a step change in performance in the scanning imaging sonar market. Providing a 2.5mm range resolution combined with a 1° angular resolution enables exceptionally high definition imagery from a highly compact sonar. With a range capability in excess of 100 meters the ISS360HD can suit a range of AUV, ROV and standalone underwater applications.

ISS360HD High Definition Imaging Sonar Released by Impact Subsea

Impact Subsea has announced a new addition to the ISS360 Sonar range - the ISS360HD. The ISS360HD offers a 1° acoustic angular resolution, 2.5mm range resolution and a distance measurement range in excess of 100 meters/328 feet. The sonar is depth rated to 6,000 meters / 19,685 feet and comes in a very compact form factor.

Impact Subsea has Released a New Generation of Underwater Flooded Member Detection Systems

ISFMD V3 provides a highly intuitive yet simple to use flooded member detection system for deployment by divers or ROVs. The system provides capability to test and store results for multiple members at a time. Multiple members can be preconfigured prior to commencing the survey with details of diameter, length and angle. Multiple readings can be logged per member, including at different test positions around the member.

Impact Subsea Launches seaView V3

Impact Subsea has launched the third generation of seaView software to support their range of Altimeters, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems, Depth Sensors and Sonars. seaView V3 provides a cutting-edge user interface for the setup and operation of Impact Subsea sensors. The launch of seaView V3 is accompanied by the release of a third generation of sensor firmware.

New AUV Obstacle Avoidance Pipeline Using ISS360 Sonar

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has pioneered a new obstacle avoidance pipeline for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) using the Impact Subsea ISS360 Imaging Sonar. The pipeline is intended to provide a reduced form factor, lower power requirement and a more cost effective solution than traditional approaches. The team successfully utilised the ISS360 Imaging Sonar integrated with a REMUS 100 AUV and demonstrated automatic obstacle avoidance capability with the new pipeline.

Duo of Distribution Agreements for Impact Subsea

Impact Subsea is delighted to announce the appointment of two new companies as distributors of Impact Subsea sensor solutions. Norwegian Offshore Rental has been appointed as a distributor within Norway and Seismic Asia Pacific within Australia.

World’s Most Compact 6,000m Rated Sonar Launched

Impact Subsea has announced the launch of the world's most compact 6,000 meters / 19,685 feet depth rated imaging sonar. The new addition to the ISS360 range of sonars provides a full 360° field of vision, 80 meters range capability and high resolution imagery using powerful CHIRP based signalling. Heading and Attitude readings can also be provided by the sonar.

Impact Subsea’s ISA500 Altimeter Gains Recognition with Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Impact Subsea are delighted to receive a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation. The ground-breaking ISA500 Altimeter has been recognised by the UK’s most prestigious business awards, personally approved by Her Majesty, The Queen. One of only 205 organisations recognised with the prestigious award this year, Impact Subsea join 48 recipients in the Innovation Category.

Impact Subsea Strengthens Sales Team

Leading ROV & AUV sensor manufacturer, Impact Subsea, is pleased to announce the strengthening of its sales team.

Impact Subsea Distribution Agreement with Seatronics

Impact Subsea is delighted to announce the appointment of Seatronics Ltd as a distributor of Impact Subsea underwater sensor solutions within the Middle East.

Impact Subsea Sign Distribution Agreement with ROMOR Ocean Systems

Impact Subsea is pleased to announce the appointment of ROMOR Ocean Systems as a distributor of Impact Subsea products within Canada.

Impact Subsea Expands Portfolio With Full Ocean Depth Altimeter

Depth rated to 11,000 meters, the ISA500-11K provides the highest levels of stability, accuracy and range, setting a new standard for deep water altimeters.

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