Nemo Submarine on a Sail Yacht

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability, the renowned luxury sail yacht Mirabella III, measuring at 42 meters (140 feet) and built by Concorde Yachts in 1994,has recently undergone another transformative multimillion-dollar refit. This refit, tailored for environmental friendliness, marks a significant milestone in the yacht industry’s commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Accommodating up to ten guests and a professional crew of six, Mirabella III offers unparalleled luxury experiences on the open seas to their owners. Now, with its latest upgrade, the sailing yacht sets a new standard by incorporating a NEMO 2-person, 100-meter rated submersible—the first of its kind in history to be seamlessly integrated into a sailing vessel.

Engineered by U-Boat Worx and expertly installed by a dedicated refit team, the compact and lightweight submersible is launched from the aft of the vessel, utilizing a sophisticated hoisting system that looks and acts as a flag pole when not uses as a crane. When not in use, the NEMO is stowed under deck, ensuring optimal weight distribution and stability at the aft of the yacht.

This innovative addition further enhances the allure of Mirabella III, offering their owners and guests unparalleled opportunities for underwater exploration while reinforcing the yacht’s commitment to sustainability and responsible maritime tourism.

Location: The Netherlands

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