Introducing SubmergeDeep®: Extreme Pressure Hydraulic and Pressure Compensation Fluids and Dielectric Coolants for Underwater Applications

Engineered Fluids, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new SubmergeDeep® family of revolutionary extreme pressure dielectric fluids specifically designed for use in Remote Operated Vehicles, underwater exploration, and submersible vehicles.

SubmergeDeep® is an innovative biodegradable, non-toxic alternative to hydraulic oils capable of withstanding the extreme pressures and temperature conditions encountered during deep-sea operations. SubmergeDeep® provides superior power transmission, lubrication, dielectric strength for efficient electronics cooling. These attributes combine to make SubmergeDeep® the perfect choice for replacing toxic hydraulic oils commonly used in deep-diving submersibles and other underwater vehicles that operate at extreme depths.

The SubmergeDeep® family of products includes both SD-110 and SD-210. SD-100 is targeted for applications which require pressure compensation, environmental protection, and dielectric isolation and cooling of electronics. SD-200 adds high lubricity for use in hydraulic power transmission systems providing outstanding wear protection, corrosion resistance, and high thermal stability.

In addition to its outstanding performance, SubmergeDeep® is fully synthetic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic, making it safe for use in sensitive marine environments and in direct contact and handling by maintenance, crew and operators.

"We are excited to introduce SubmergeDeep® to the undersea exploration industry. We believe that it will be a true game-changer for the ROV industry and submersible operators." said Gary Testa, President and CEO of Engineered Fluids, Inc. "We are confident that this innovative fluid will dramatically improve the health and well-being of the maintenance and operations teams, while enabling the subsea industries to be far more environmentally friendly.”

“I have been working in the ROV industry for over 17 years” said Magnus Lindberg VP Business and Technology at Deepsea Solutions. “And I have experienced firsthand the negative effects of hydraulic oils have on people and the environment. I am delighted that with SubmergeDeep there is now a high quality, environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternative for the industry.”

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