VideoRay, Sonardyne, EIVA, and Voyis Demonstrating New Optical & Autonomy Capabilities at ANTX Coastal Trident

Voyis Imaging Inc., producers of underwater laser scanners and imaging systems for subsea surveys and inspections, is excited to announce a collaborative demonstration for the US Navy at ANTX Coastal Trident with VideoRay, a provider of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV), Sonardyne, producers of highly accurate positioning systems, and EIVA, developers of software for maritime survey and engineering operations.

This demonstration will bring together an advanced 3D optical inspection solution using Voyis’ Perception ROV skid with EIVA’s NaviSuite Mobula vehicle control and inspection software for VideoRay’s Mission Specialist Defender ROV with the focus of identifying mine-like-objects (MLOs) during mine countermeasure operations. Additionally, Sonardyne will demonstrate the Initiation Transponder (IT6) to highlight safe and remote neutralization of the identified target.

Voyis’ Perception skid is a survey-grade 3D inspection solution that delivers real-time dense 3D modelling and image mapping from smaller ROV platforms. The skid includes Voyis’ industry leading underwater laser scanning technology and 4K digital stills imaging package, tightly coupled with Sonardyne’s SPRINT-Nav Mini positioning solution to create accurate, georeferenced results for true representation of subsea assets.

EIVA’s NaviSuite Mobula is a plug-and-play ROV control and inspection software, allowing operators to plan and perform inspections efficiently, while also enabling automation. NaviSuite Mobula allows users to control various ROV models and leverage advanced sensors. The software provides high-performing features focusing on automated steering and inspection, as well as delivering advanced, high-quality data visualisations.

VideoRay’s Mission Specialist Defender is an observation class ROV designed for more precise control of the vehicle position and orientation, heavier payloads, and demanding intervention, such as rendering unexploded ordnance safe or cleaning nets for offshore fish farms.

Sonardyne’s Initiation Transponder 6 (IT 6) is designed to be connected directly to a remotely deployed, non-electric mine neutralisation device allowing commercial and naval EOD teams to send a wireless, acoustic command from their vessel to initiate a shock tube. It can be placed directly by a clearance diver or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Data obtained from the Perception skid onboard the Defender will allow for a higher quality of data to be collected for qualitative and quantifiable analysis of subsea targets, structures/assets, and seabed. Coupling the greater resolution with vehicle control, data acquisition and actionable analysis using EIVA’s NaviSuite software interface will provide a tighter integration between hardware and software, offering a completely tailored customer experience. The partnership has received its first confirmed order of the solution, where the customer will take possession of the offering in Q3 2022.


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